Dried Blackcurrant


The Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) is consumed fresh partner in a salad of berries  and allows the production of  jellies ,  jams ,  sorbets ,  tarts  (in combination) or  Charlotte . It can also be consumed in a liquid way, with the  crème de cassis  that is used to make  kirs ,  nectar  , syrups, liqueurs,  puree  or  coulis .

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 Black currants are mostly black berries forming  bunches ,  pulpy , with   smooth skin , strongly aromatic, topped with the remains of the  calyxes  of the  flowers from  which they are derived. Blackcurrant is used mainly by processing industries ( liquor ,  syrup ,  jelly ,  perfume ). Its sour juice is thick, pulling on purple. It is rich in  tannins ,  flavors ,  vitamin C2 and  vitamin C (100 to 300 mg / 100 g).

Blackcurrant is eaten fresh in a berry salad   and allows the realization of  jellies ,  jams ,  sorbets ,  pies  (in combination) or  charlotte . It can also be consumed in a liquid way, with the  crème de cassis  that is used to make  kirs ,  nectar  (very popular in  Bulgaria ), syrups, liqueurs,  puree  or  coulis .

Blackcurrant is well preserved by  desiccation  and  freezing , and can be a reserve of fruit for the winter.

Medicinal virtues

Blackcurrant is a concentrate of energy and active ingredients:

  • Of  iron  and rich in  vitamin C  (it contains twice as much vitamin C as kiwi and three times more than oranges 7 ), make it an excellent tonic anti-fatigue and anti-infectives.
  • Of  calcium  (60 mg per 100 g) also contributes to the health of  bones .
  • It promotes the elimination of uric acid  . It is therefore recommended to relieve  rheumatism , gout, and osteoarthritis , there are commercially available preparations based on  buds  and ”  harpagophytum  “.
  • Diuretic and powerful depurative, it stimulates liver function and kidney function. It is recommended in case of obesity.
  • It is beneficial in the context of circulatory disorders and hypertension .
  • It is an  anti-diarrhea  indicated in case of  dysentery .
  • It is an   effective healing , it accelerates the healing of  wounds ,  boils ,  abscesses  and insect bites  (external application).

Its leaves are widely used in  herbalism , dried and finely ground.

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