Mushrooms and medicinal plants

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What is an organic mushroom ?

An organic mushroom ( labeled ” from organic agriculture “) is a fungus collected or grown in compliance with regulations NCE 834/2007 related to organic agriculture , regulations put in place by the European Union.
Compliance is under control of an approved organization ( by Ecocert SA F- 32600 ) .
According to regulations , the collection is never made in contaminated soils near industrial or agricultural facilities polluantes.Les same rules are applied to wild fruits.
We use no synthetic product for the conservation of our mushrooms and wild fruits.
Good Mushroom :

Nutritional and medicinal qualities proved.

Mushrooms are real health promoters . These organisms are a great source of B vitamins , especially B3 (skin, digestive and nervous system) and B2 ( present in many enzymes). They also contain many minerals : iron, zinc and selenium (protector of neurons and powerful antioxidant ) .
Mushrooms are the only foods to have immunostimulatory properties recognized induced by a substance that is their own .
And of course, their protein content makes it an ideal places for vegetarians.

A slimming ally!

Low in calories and rich in protein, it is the perfect food for many plans . Its fiber is an appetite suppressant and promotes transit . In addition, it allows weight loss while avoiding wasting .

A culinary delight

Mushrooms are a delight for lovers of food flavors inimitable . Traditionally and in the world , he accompanies all kinds of dishes and gives a unique flavor to your culinary creations !

Requirement and solidarity

Our business has put us in from the beginning with the populations of the countries in which we operate . Over the years we have built excellent relationships of trust and friendship with our local partners. The constant demand of fruits and wild mushrooms provide collectors , all independent , a comfortable income in addition to their main activities (farmers , shepherd , students, pensioners , etc …) . Thus, this collection activity contributes to the maintenance of populations in the mountains and remote areas.
Our mushrooms and dried fruit are bagged by the CAT ( Centre through Work ) Lavergne and the professional integration of disabled people.