Super Food

Superfoods or super foods are foods that have superior benefits over others. It can be vegetables, fruits, spices, seaweed or other plants.

Some superfoods such as berries and seaweed are very rare here. This is why on the consumption in capsule or powder form. Remember, however, that they are not miracle foods. They do not cure diseases, but they are distributed well as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Here is a non-exhaustive list:

– Superfruits: Cranberries, blueberries and blueberries, sea buckthorn berry, camu-camu, acerola, black cherry, durian, pecan, pomegranate, Peruvian cockroach, goji berry, amla, lucuma, wheatgrass

– Super vegetables: reishi, beetroot, arugula, artichoke, spinach, watercress, avocado, chard, cordyceps, Kale cabbage Super-seeds: chia, carob, hemp , sunflower

– Super-algae and super-plants: spirulina, baobab, ginkgo Biloba, green tea, maca, ginseng, guarana, tea rooibos, chlorella, thyme Super-spices: cinnamon , turmeric, oregano, clove, pepper

– The other superfoods: linseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, kombucha (drink), sea salt

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Showing all 3 results