Dried Juniper


The  tannins as berries of Juniper (Juniperus) contain a form with some popular spice because it facilitates the digestion of fatty meats and game and raises the sauerkraut and fish stock.

Berries are also used in the composition of juniper liquor , and of   English gin and aquavit

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The  kind  botany of  junipers , scientific name  Juniperus ,  family  of  Cupressaceae , has a large number of species, “rigid” varieties with sharp needles and “soft” varieties foliage scales.

In the diet

The  tannins  that the berries contain form a spice appreciated by some because it facilitates the digestion of game and fatty meat and raises sauerkraut and fish fumet.

Berries are also used in the composition of juniper liquor , and of   English gin and aquavit .

In the kitchen, crushed juniper berries are used in the composition of “veal kidneys with Liegeoise”. Also add some berries when cooking sauerkraut, so you can refine the taste.

Medicinal properties

Only  juniper  ( Juniperus communis ) and  juniper  ( Juniperus oxycedrus ) are edible.

The berries, the young shoots but especially the cones, prepared in infusion, have diuretic, stomachic and digestive effects. They would have been used against asthma .

More than a treatment of very difficult digestion and intestinal gas, juniper berries are added preventively during the preparation of slightly heavy dishes to facilitate their digestion.

Excessive use of juniper can cause kidney problems, so it should not be used during pregnancy.

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