Dried Oyster Mushrooms


Pleurotus ostreatus , its vernacular name in French,  Oyster  (the form of)  mushrooms  is a  fungus  basidiomycete  of the genus  Pleurotus  of the  family  of  Pleurotaceae . This forest species has been the subject of an industrial culturesince the  1970s . it is usually the one found on stalls under the name of oyster mushrooms.

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Oyster mushrooms grow from autumn to winter depending on the region, in clumps on living or fallen hardwoods. It is a  parasite  of injury but it is also  saprophyte .


It is an honorable edible, if one is not put off by the flaccidity of its flesh. Unlike  porcini mushrooms  or  chanterelles , it is not really enough for itself to be pan-fried, it will largely benefit from being cooked in a more elaborate way, in mixture or accompaniment.


Culture on straw substrate

The crop seems to have started in  Hungary  and has now spread to  Europe ,  America  and  Asia , without however overly competing with the  Paris mushroom . It is rather sold as  wild mushrooms

Initially practiced on seeded and buried logs, it is now carried out on a sterile substrate of plant wastes maintained at the appropriate temperature and humidity, which allows more abundant production in a very short time.

Another species of  oyster mushroom  is cultivated: it is the  panicose roach .

Nearby species and likelihood of confusion

The closest species is the  pleurot cornucopia ,  Pleurotus cornucopiae , earlier (May to July) and having decurrent blades to the base of the foot where they form deep cells.

Pleurotus pulmonaris , which is lighter, whitish and yellowing, with non-deciduous cream-colored cells, may also be mentioned  .

The possible confusion is safe, as these species are also edible.

Pleurotus ostreatus

Antitumor properties

A   dimeric lectin was isolated from the   fresh edible sporophores of the fungus  Pleurotus ostreatus . Lectin exerted potent antitumor activity in mice bearing   S-180 sarcoma and  H-22 hepatoma . The survival of these mice was prolonged and the increase in body weight reduced after lectin treatment

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