Dried Maïtakes

The Japanese call it  maitake   イ タ ケ ( 舞 茸 ,  “mushroom-dance” bed ? ). Indeed, according to a Japanese legend, people danced with joy (like crazy) when they found a grifola because this mushroom was famous for its exceptional virtues and especially that of prolonging life.

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Its fruiting forms a mass up to 50 cm in diameter, made up of many hats from branches of a very short trunk. The hats are flat, spatula-shaped or fan-shaped. Their upper surface is gray-brown and streaked. The underside is made up of short and very fine pores.
Adult, this mushroom can weigh up to several tens of pounds.
The flesh is white and not very fibrous. Harvested young, it is an excellent food.

It is found in the wild at the foot of oaks and chestnuts, or their stumps, only in summer and autumn. Growing naturally on tree stumps, it has only recently been grown in Europe. . Its rarity in the wild and the complex production that it requires make this mushroom a delicate delicacy.

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