Dried Girolle


The girolle (Cantharellus Cibarius) or chanterelle is one of the most popular mushrooms, for its thick and healthy flesh still remaining crisp and delicious after cooking.

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The chanterelle or chanterelle is one of the most appreciated mushrooms, for its thick and always healthy flesh, remaining crunchy and tasty after cooking. As evidenced by the specific epithet  given to it by the first cibarius mycologists, edible. The chanterelle,  Cantharellus cibarius, is an edible mushroom unanimously appreciated whatever the country or the culture. This fact is partially explained by its morphological characteristics and its yellow pigmentation which makes it easily identifiable. Its taste qualities make it a mushroom of choice in the culinary arts and contribute to its reputation. Although mastering the culture of a mushroom as prestigious as the chanterelle is an old dream, its current situation in Europe has led to intensive research on its physiology, ecology and cultivation techniques.

However, it should be carefully prepared, first by removing the base of the foot on the picking place to bring back a minimum of soil, then carefully clean the hat and especially the folds, often staked with dirt and twigs, ideally without wetting the mushroom (brush) and in any case without soaking it.

Then the chanterelles are usually cut into small pieces and pan-fried in butter or oil. They can accompany a simple omelette or lend themselves to more elaborate preparations: as an accompaniment to meat, fine fish or as starters: croustades etc.

They are also suitable for maceration or desiccation.

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