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Our ceps (Boletus Edulis) are certified organic. With two different value for money, our offer compares with other market offers thanks to photos below control


In France , only two species are legally entitled12 to the trade name of “cep”: the cep of Bordeaux ( Boletus edulis ) and the black-headed boletus ( Boletus aereus ). But there are in reality on the market two other species marketed under this name: Summer cèpe or cèpe reticulated ( Boletus aestivalis , Boletus reticulatus syn ) and Mountain cep or pine cone ( Boletus pinophilus , Boletus pinicola syn ).

For example in Périgord it is well known, the inhabitants are certain that their ceps are better than anywhere else, but the inhabitants of Auvergne do not agree at all.

The Italians even managed to IGP certified ceps from around Borgotaro in the province of Parma in the Borgo Val di Taro region of Northern Italy. The four species Boletus edulis , Boletus aereus , Boletus aestivalis and Boletus pinophilus have been recognized for their superior taste and officially called Fungo di Borgotaro ., ( IGP Fungo di Borgotaro).

The truth is that there are excellent porcini mushrooms everywhere. However, it is considered that ceps of Auvergne, Italy and the Balkans are more aromatic than those of China for example, but unlike wine there is no nose capable of classifying mushrooms according to their terroir of origin .

Our quality: we have rejected the wild mushrooms of origin China.

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