Dried Black Chanterelles


The Black Chanterelles (craterellus cornucopioide) are a very good edible dries particularly well and can be pulverized without inconvenience. Young people can be kept in flavored or vinegar oil.

The black chanterelles are kept for a few days in the fridge. They can also be frozen.

Our dried black chanterelles are of superior quality and are certified organic .

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Craterellus cornucopioides in the French  craterellus shaped cornucopia ,  Cornucopia  or  Black Chanterelles , is a  fungus  ( Fungi )  basidiomycete  of the family  of  Cantharellaceae present in the forests of the northern hemisphere. It is an edible mushroom, in the shape of a  cornucopia  like the  chanterelles , entirely hollow and whose hymenium is not wrinkled, unlike the chanterelles. The most common vernacular names are  Horn of plenty  for its form, Black Chanterelles.

The  sporophore  rarely exceeding  10 cm  is very fleshy and completely hollow, trumpet-shaped ( cantharelloid ), flared in a funnel with a  margin  largely scalloped and irregular. The  cuticle  is covered with scales ( scaly ), gray black to dark brown or tawny; the foot is hollow, of the same color as the hat and tapering at the base. The outer surface that bears the  wavy hymenium is bluish gray.

Habitat and distribution

This species, widespread, grows in groups mainly in deciduous forests (beech, oak, chestnut, hazel) or sometimes under coniferous forests, appreciating the heavy and very wet soils (clay, for example). It appears in autumn (from August to November) 13 , and can be very abundant after heavy rains. This fungus is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the soil because of its dark color, its small size and because it is often covered with dead leaves.

It is found in North America, Europe, Japan and Korea. In Europe, the Trumpet of Death is generally common, but it seems to be rare in some countries

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